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Skin Town - Ride

Feb 09, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I feel like one of the self-appointed detectives in Searching for Sugarman (must-see by the way), except that I've maybe only been searching for half an hour.

First, I discovered Los Angeles' Skin Town is a at least one female singer, in case you couldn't already tell from listening; This fact was confirmed upon seeing her in this clip at a performance at ACE hotel in NYC. And if you pay attention to the details, like myself, you will notice that it was posted three weeks ago and this track was posted one month ago, which means, that I could assume that this lady/group is alive and kickin'.

Then, I came across a breakthrough. (Note: if you're trying to stay mysterious, then you can be sure that your friends will keep that from happening.)  Kim Free, said friend who also DJ'd at the ACE hotel gig, posted on her website that Skin Town is an R&B duo comprised of Grace and Nick Turco, who plays synth for Zola Jesus (along with violinist Kim). I don't know if you know what that means, but it means that this rad track is no mistake, although I kind of wanted it to be.

I think The Weeknd might have finally met his female counterpart, at least on this track. Grace channels that same blatant sexuality with the support of minimal sultry synth and provactive percussion. I know you're really concerned about hearing more, so don't stress, you can head on over to SoundCloud where the pair has posted five tracks, which are heavier on the synth-driven ambience,  for your listening pleasure.
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