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Slow Magic - On Yr Side

Jul 12, 2012

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Why do we like this?
This dark electronic track came to me rather unexpectedly but enchanted me nonetheless. Brought to us by Slow Magic, "On Yr Side" is a ruminating example of the direction experimental electronic music has taken with producers such as SBTRKT, Disclosure, and Flying Lotus in our midst.

This track, compiled with pounding percussions and brooding vocals, is not necessarily a new vision in terms of electronic music today, but it is something worth giving a listen. Once the song actually gets revved up around the one-minute mark, the diverse sweeping electronics and myriad of vocal arrangements all combine together flawlessly, giving us a harvest of darkly mesmerizing and engrossing sounds.

"On Yr Side" is a featured track off of Slow Magic's upcoming (untitled) LP due to release in late 2012.
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