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The Smashing Pumpkins - Shake Down 1979 (Good Night Keaton Remake)

Feb 17, 2013

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For a Sunday morning you couldn't ask for a better find from the Miami Horror drummer Aaron Shanahan aka Good Night Keaton. I present to you a simple yet sophisticated remake of the nostalgic "1979" , a childhood favorite from the undeniably legendary Smashing Pumpkins. Here it has been appropriately renamed by Aaron to "Shake Down 1979" in an effort to make the song more dance floor friendly and to pay homage to one of his favorite bands as a child growing up.

Aaron certainly has captured own signature style with Good Night Keaton and manages to ever so slightly alter the original by adding his 90's flavour and influences in this particular remake. It's not a ming boggling remake by any means, but it pays the utmost respect to the classic hit while adding all the necessary charm and trademark dance-y vibes taking it to the next level.

Hope you shake it down!
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