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Smokey Robotic - Schizophrenic DJ

Sep 27, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Smokey Robotic is fresh and impressive. Their style is a genre-bending mix of hip-hop, pop, and electro -- all melded together to pretty much broaden your perspective on the dynamics of creating tasteful music.

Check out their newest video for "Schizophrenic DJ." Directors Robert McHugh and T.S. Pfeffer (of Pier Pictures) have teamed up with Smokey Robotic to produce an incredibly aesthetically pleasing and mind-altering music video. These days it seems like it's the trend to take a hip-hop song and make a corresponding video for it that includes the exploitation of women, excessive waste of alcohol (no really, y'all should drink it instead of making puddles), and just a general dog and pony show displaying the "artist" and his or her usually undeserved wealth and success.

Smokey Robotic is breaking the mold. Their music is fresh, and they've got a fresh video to match. It's artistic, unique and undeniably hypnotizing. Take a look for yourself and be sure to check out their other music and Pier Pictures other videos. Truly a cut above the rest!

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