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Sonnymoon - Houstalantavegas (Waajeed Refix)

Apr 14, 2012

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Why do we like this?
To be clear, this is a remix of a cover. For some, Sonnymoon's cover of Drake's "Houstalantavegas" was the spark that first got them noticed. The duo, Dane and Anna, initially turned the rap ballad into a sultry and slow(er) version of its original. Enter Waajeed:

I first heard about Sonnymoon at SXSW while hanging with No and Meezy from blindiforthekids. They played their rendition of Drake's, "Houstalantavegas" and I was instantly hooked. Seeing that the duo doesn't need a third leg producer, the only way I could work with them was do a remix. We connected, they sent the vocals, and the rest is history"¦ or at least history in the making.

Don't sleep on either Waajeed or Sonnymoon, two amazing acts.
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