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Special Explosion - Lifeguard

Dec 01, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Those stumblebum record store moments have come and gone, fading into the histrionics of music. Now, in order to discover great music, we turn to the dredging of the Internet and reliance of bloggers to sift through the sediment to find those rare stones... only to find out that most are fed press releases with power verbs and broad descriptions. (Yep, even us.)

Nonetheless, there are those rare moments of pure discovery when you find that band you have been yearning for. I recently had one of these profound and audio-altering moments when I came across the aptly named Special Explosion, who manage to bounce from Neutral Milk Hotel tendencies to Built to Spill explosions to the very best of Land of Talk's sincere, but impactful indie rock. Their firebrand indie rock is pervasive, programmed to poses, and straight-up fucking fantastic.

Their debut extended player, entitled "EP" indicates that these young indie rockers are wise beyond their tender years and contain the creative drive to become a huge force in reestablishing Seattle as the center of the rock music universe. Look out for a new record and full-length to come in 2013.

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