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Steve Mill - You Really Know (Ft. Elli) (Citizen Remix)

Aug 03, 2012

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Why do we like this?

If one's style of dance is directly related to musical tastes, there's no wonder why I find this Citizen remix so finger linkin' good.

Listening to the Steve Mill (Madhouse Records) original "You Really Know," it's an undeniably infectious house tune, but there's something about the Citizen remix (MadTech Records) that sets my body in motion. Pitched down vocals, funky house chords, grimy garage bass -- everything I need to propel myself into the future.

What's so interesting about Madhouse vs. MadTech Records, what I love, is that the past and the future exist in one place. Madhouse's matured, classic house grooves give breadth to MadTech's spunky, garage tendencies. Kerri Chandler, creator of both labels and Mad Awesome in his own right, really knows what's up.

Speaking of who really knows, "You Really Know (Remix)" is a perfect example of this exchange. Pay homage to both, and have a listen.

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