What's so good?
By Philip Friedman | Dec 04, 2013

Nothing like a good old fashioned remix contest to bring out the creativity of producers around the world.  Especially when Australian synth poppers Strange Talk are offering up their music for the competition.

Now that the dust has settled and SoundCloud has been inundated with Strange Talk remixes, a winner out of the 120 submissions has finally been chosen. From a bedroom somewhere in Paris comes a French house remix of "Eskimo Boy" by a producer(s) named Uru-Project. While I could find next to no info on Uru-Project besides a location on a SoundCloud, I have a feeling that this is a name that will soon be well known.

The remix keeps the vocals of the original, but throws it over a Jamiroquai-inspired groove that Napoleon Dynamite could get down to -- it's filled with bouncing bass, disco strings, and super funky guitar. Strange Talk said, "[This] is a killer French disco style remix!! Never thought this song would work so well in this style"¦ they managed to kill it! Great bass groove as well, love the direction they took this!!"

You can pick up the full Strange Talk Remix EP due out digitally on January 14, proceeding their new full-length coming out later next year.  Just don't forget your moon boots.
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