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Styles P - Blow Your Mind (Knxwledge Remix)

Jan 26, 2013

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Why do we like this?
We're definitely big fans of the young boy Knxwledge around these parts. His syrupy R&B remixes and jazzy, soulful original compositions have burrowed their way into our ears and made a home somewhere deeper in our conscious. Something that is at times overlooked though is that while Knx definitely brings that feel-good soul to the forefront of his compositions, he's also an avid connoisseur of gully street rap.

From his Wrap.Taypes series to his live shows, if you really study how the Jersey (not Philly like many mistakenly attribute as his hometown, myself included) beat-maker moves, you'll find that hardcore rhymes are just as pivotal to his development as any other part. In his latest edition of his Hexual.Sealings series, he includes a re-working of Styles P's "Blow Ya Mind."

The ode to herb from the hardcore Yonkers MC is transformed. Originally a weed anthem backed by the ever-annoying Swizz Beatz and his pseudo-party adlibs and production, Knx immediately makes the track more apt for its purpose, smoothing it out and letting Styles' lyrics and messages have the forefront. Light up!
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