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Sunshine - Arnprior

Jan 24, 2013

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Why do we like this?

I've been trying to avoid these frigid temperatures as much as possible lately, so when I came across Sunshine's single, "Arnprior," I thought it was the perfect song to warm up an otherwise freezing day.

Vancouver's Sunshine have got a niche for beachy rock n' roll with a tinge of grunge and lots of attitude. "Arnprior" is a fantastic combination of quintessential gritty guitar ballads, a poppy bass, steady classic beat, and melancholy vocals with a touch of atmospheric effects. It creates a modern/post-rock/new wave hodge-podge of greatness. This track is unapologetically adventurous and wild.

If you're looking to get down with an ideal take on a genre that won't ever expire, "Arnprior" is your jam.

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