What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Feb 11, 2013

Are you looking to unwind and have an uninhibited good time? Perhaps you should take some pointers from Sunshine in the form of their new video for "Showering With Wine."

From start to finish, this video showcases what it's like to just not give a fuck. And sometimes, not giving a fuck can be really fun and cathartic. As you can see, Sunshine's characters for this video take on the night without a care in the world. Now, we're not condoning defacing public property, but if you feel the need to dress up as a fictional character and have a night out on the town, more power to you. Just don't forget to include Sunshine's grunge pop anthem to hype up the night.

The carefree vibe that Sunshine projects with such ease is the perfect kind of music to listen to when you just want to forget about it all. Just don't forget to watch the video for "Showering With Wine."

Christiana Bartolini
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