What's so good?
By Sean O | Jul 08, 2012

I was not ready for "Perfect Combination" when I pressed play. I had been trolling through my SoundCloud and stumbled across this York, U.K.-based producer named Handbook. I thought I would scope a few of his tunes and move on with my day. I learned quite quickly that Handbook is not only a producer that I should be paying attention to, but that he just released a dopetastic EP with St. Louis emcee Supreme Sol.

Higher Manifestation is a wildly intricate, entertaining, ear-opening six track collaboration. Handbook lays down the soulful beats, full of uplifting vocal samples, loopy horns and on-point drum work. Supreme Sol goes bananas over said productions. His flow is unique and his conscientious wordplay puts some of these other rappers to shame.

The pun is right there, so I'm just going to use it and then walk away slowly. Handbook and Supreme Sol make the perfect combination. I hope they work together again soon.
Sean O
Author: Sean O
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