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What's so good?
By Hugh McClure | Mar 27, 2012 | Total plays: 24,366

Frontman of brilliant Sydney band, Dappled Cities, Tim Derricourt has branched out on his own to deliver a hugely addictive four-track EP - Kissing Machine. Dappled Cities have delayed the release of their fourth album, and he has used his free time the best way possible. Assisted by bandmate Ned Cooke "to twiddle knobs and play some keys," Kissing Machine was recently recorded over the Australian summer.

His side project, in which he appears under the alias Swimwear, is quite a variation on Dappled Cities' haunting tones. Upbeat and poppy, Swimwear is described as "wild, camp dance music made to make you feel good." This description is perfect, with the EP ripe with carefree and uninhibited synth-pop tunes.

Derricourt's signature buttery vocals are prominent throughout the four tracks, starting with first single "Nowhere to Run." Groove-laden and wistful, this is a simple but well-made debut which highlights Derricourt's hidden pop talents. "Knocks" and "Highs and Lows" follow in a similar vein, effortlessly catchy pop, hard not to find irresistible. "Easy High" would appear to be the most familiar to Dappled Cities fans, with a slightly more somber quality "“ perhaps a sneak peak of the follow up to their 2009 release, the highly regarded Zones.

As a big Dappled Cities fan I am eagerly awaiting the new release. This slight impatience has been subdued somewhat with the release of Kissing Machine. Hopefully Swimwear makes further appearances in the future.
Hugh McClure
Author: Hugh McClure
Hugh is based in Sydney, Australia, and lives in a world where music helps him function. Hugh's passion is sharing Australian music with the rest of t ... learn more →