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Swimwear - Easy High

Mar 24, 2012

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Sounds like: Beach House, Yo La Tengo
Why do we like this?
Great find courtesy of the Electrorach blog, Swimwear Yeah is the side-project of Sydney-based Tim Derricourt (his other band is Dappled Cities, which I've yet to sample). About a month ago, he released his first EP The Kissing Machine, a sample of self-described "wild, camp dance music."

Listening to this track alone, you might walk away thinking this is actually quite mellow. But, upon a full listen to the EP, you'll quickly note that the tempo is considerably more upbeat. That said, "Easy High" is the stand-out track for me, so I thought I'd do my duty and share it with you!

If you're curious to hear more, check out Tim's Soundcloud.
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