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T.E.E.D. & Eats Everything - Lion, The Lion

Jul 17, 2013

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Why do we like this?
A new T.E.E.D track is always exciting, but adding to the thrill is this collaborative effort with Dirtybird resident Eats Everything.

"Lion, The Lion" is to be expected when taking into account the turbulent bass-driven stylings of EE and the experimental house meanderings of T.E.E.D -- the outcome is like one big endorphin rush. Amongst the fervent beat rises relaxed synths, punctuated by a library of random sounds. Translated to words, the track feels like the brain on drugs -- moments like epiphanies are quickly washed away with the chaos of thought.

Final summation: I like it, a lot, but the dynamic soundscape created in "Lion, The Lion" feels like T.E.E.D and EE are only just getting to know each other -- like the pioneer expedition into each other's minds. Though an excellent addition to any mix, I still have to wonder what else these guys could come up with now that they've cracked the surface. One can only hope there will be more collabs in the future.

"Lion, The Lion" (released via Crosstown Rebels) is available via Beatport.
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