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Ta-ku - Day 29

Aug 16, 2012

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Why do we like this?
How about this for an album concept: a beat a day, for 50 days, in honor of J. Dilla. This is the kind of album you stop and take a moment to appreciate. Short and sweet, but still powerful. Heavy on the soulful samples and chopped up strings. It's emotion driven, instrumental hip hop that you could call a mix of electronic and new soul.

Trained by some of the greats (like Chuck D) at the Red Bull Music Academy in Barcelona, Ta-ku is Regan Mathews, a beatmaker who crafts music with a deep respect for those who came before him - and yet is still innovative enough to add his own style. In fact, he started making music after he heard Slum Village's "Fall in Love." Now that's what I call cool.

No doubt about it, the tracks off of 50 Days for Dilla [Volume 2] are some of my favorite of the summer. Ta-ku's got a wicked good ear for combining beats with samples, and is one of my favorite types of producers in terms of influences. I highly recommend you listen to Volume 1 also.

You can check out Ta-ku's full list of originals and reworks via his website or on SoundCloud. The album was put out by Huh, What and Where - a sick collective with a roster boasting extremely talented producers like Bahwee, Bugseed, Chief, Juj and Sweater Beats, among others. Be sure to follow them on their website if you want the heads up on the best beats on the net.
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