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Teen Daze - True Romance (Seven Saturdays Remix)

Mar 30, 2011

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If your week were made up of seven Saturdays, what would you do with them? Would it be an endless party, or would you find yourself relaxing as much as possible: sleeping in, lounging around, and generally taking it easy? Would your life be a chilled-out haze?

If the musical intuition of Jonathan D. Haskell is any guide, his new EP Secret Things certainly encourages us to go with the latter lifestyle. Featuring remixes of chillwave artists such as Teen Daze, Millionyoung and Houses, the 6-track EP encapsulates a harmonic atmosphere of dreaminess -- one could easily picture themselves floating gently on a lake, or lying in the middle of a field.

If Seven Saturdays sounds like something you're into, you can download the whole EP by visiting his Bandcamp.
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