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The 1975 - Sex (Hackman Remix)

Nov 27, 2012

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Sounds like: Deadboy, Disclosure, xxxy
Why do we like this?
The 1975 is an alternative band based in Manchester. They just released their Sex EP. But I haven't listened to it much because I've been busy dancing to this ridiculously good remix by Indie Shuffle regular Hackman.

From what I've read around the blogosphere, Hackman may or may not be releasing an EP of his own sometime in the nearish future. For now we'll just have to savor these singles that pop up from time to time. Hackman's "Sex" remix has warm, inviting vibes. Hackman does a nice job warping the vocals into such rich melodies. I'm also a fan of what Ryan Hemsworth did on his "Sex" remix.

I'm sure we'll be featuring more music from both producers any day now.
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