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The Dolls - Summer of '93 (Eli Escobar 'Till Infinity Remix)

Jul 03, 2013

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The Dolls are back with a funky remix by fellow New Yorker Eli Escobar for their latest single, "Summer of '93." On this "'Till Infinity Remix," Eli takes the original radio-friendly track and teleports it to a hazy summer afternoon in the early 90s, replete with chilled-out melodic keys and soulful vocals courtesy of violinist Margot. Her sultry and playful words get chopped, filtered, and looped while strategically laid over some sunset vibes.

Between the acid house effects and poignant lyrics of forlorn love, this record is dripping with that Aaliyah-esque sensuality that so defined the era.  It's astonishing to see how a record could simultaneously conjure up feelings of nostalgia while remaining relevant and fresh. So press play, sit back, and let yourself get lost in this lesson of love.

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