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The Fresh & Onlys - Presence Of Mind

Aug 22, 2012

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Why do we like this?
The Fresh & Onlys really are fresh. Hailing from San Francisco, they're always bringing something infectiously catchy to the table. Case in point: their newest single, "Presence Of Mind."

This track is taken from their upcoming LP, Long Slow Dance. There's an obvious 80s new wave accent to the song, but that's not all. I picked up on a beachy surf vibe that lends a refreshing effect to this single. The bass seems to play an important role, along with the lead electric guitar. The vocals are haunting and melodic and surely not to be ignored. All in all, I'd say this is quite the teaser for The Fresh & Only's upcoming album.

Long Slow Dance will be released on September 4. In the meantime, stay tuned for any new releases!
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