What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Dec 03, 2011

The Internet includes Odd Future's first lady, Syd the Kid, and Odd Future's producer, Matt Martian. Together they are creating such fresh and smooth progressive R&B that you may just get hooked in an instant.

This single, "Love Song," is short but oh-so-sweet. It's such a tease. It's got the classic rhythm and blues staples -- a slow and consistent beat, twinkling keyboards, slithering bass and soulful vocals with an infectious melody. What The Internet is adding on top of that are spurts of synth riffs that surprisingly only add to the tastefulness of the whole song.

"Love Song" is only a minute and thirty seconds long, giving us only a glimpse of what they may have in store in the (hopefully) near future. Their raw talent should not go unnoticed or left behind. I truly hope The Internet pursues this project. It's such a far stretch from Odd Future's style, but still so refreshing and enjoyable.
Christiana Bartolini
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