What's so good?
By Sean O | Jan 14, 2013

Does the name Anthony Ferraro ring a bell? The Berkeley-based artist has been featured several times on Indie Shuffle for his work as Astronauts, etc. Since releasing the terrific Supermelodic Pulp last September, Anthony has put out a few experimental productions on his SoundCloud.  Turns out, he's shifting gears and now fronting a more straight-forward indie rock band called The Lawlands.

They're is based in San Francisco, which has me even more pumped to premiere their new single, "Youth" (considering that we're a San Francisco based music blog and all). After several listens, I'm still entranced by Ferraro's falsetto. Paired with the atmosphere the rest of The Lawlands create, they're an act that would probably put on a solid live performance.

Here's hoping I'm able to verify that hypothesis someday soon. Enjoy the free download of "Youth" and keep those peepers open for more from The Lawlands soon.
Sean O
Author: Sean O
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