What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Jan 04, 2012

According to The Magician's SoundCloud page, he's from Belgium from way of Jupiter and Brussels. An eclectic upbringing, but I'll roll with it. The Magician recently posted a remix his track "I Don't Know What To Do" by Erkka, tweeting "Let's start 2012 with a FREE download!" Really, is there any other way to start a new year? I think not.

Erkka's take on the track is a sparkly clean disco-house production, fixating on Jeppe's rounded, heartfelt declarations of "I don't know what to do, I keep on calling you," and diffusing the more piquant piano in the original. Think you've heard these vocals before but you just can't place the singer? Let's revisit 2009's "I'll Get You" by Classixx, and poof, musical mystery solved.

For a free download click above or visit The Magician's SoundCloud for this remix and many more streaming options. You know what to do.