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The Menahan Street Band - The Crossing

Nov 05, 2012

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The Menahan Street Band is back with their second album, The Crossing. Their sound is a unique blend of funk and folk music, with the bright horns contrasting well with the pleasant strums of acoustic guitar.

Part of this great group, The Dap-Kings, form most of the band, led by Tommy Brenneck on guitar. They were formed on Menahan Street in New York as just a group that got together to make their own brand of funk, and now they have garnered lots of praise with this new album dropping just recently.

The Crossing is a little more subdued than their previous efforts, but it doesn't take anything away for being enjoyable. The melodies are still rich and the musicianship is second to none. Get this album and pop it on from start to finish as soon as possible.
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