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The Money Go Round - Endless Sun

Apr 27, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Late last year, we bought you a great track from Sydney band The Money Go Round. The band's debut single "YAYAYA" drew plenty of positive reviews, with their sound being likened to acts as high-standing as the Black Keys and Kasabian.

While their first release did contain plenty of psych elements, their latest single, "Endless Sun," dives much further into the genre, with outstanding results. Dreamy and deep, it's almost a homage to some of the later (drug-fueled) psych music that the Beatles produced; I'm sure I can hear Ravi Shankar's sitar somewhere there.

I liked their first single, but I love their second. As you can imagine, I'm rather keen to hear what's next for the Money Go Round.
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