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The Postal Service - The Dream of Evan and Chan (Quixotism Cover)

Feb 08, 2013

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Sounds like: Four Tet, Burial, XXYYXX
Why do we like this?
With all the hype surrounding the huge announcement of The Postal Service going on tour in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Give Up, we are all reminded of the brilliance  that was Ben Gibbard and Dntel sending tracks back and forth through the mail.  It's amazing how much of an influence one album could have on both indie and electronic music, as it bridged the gap between these two different worlds.

One by products of this bridge has been a crop of bedroom producers who have popped up all over the Internet.  One of these producers is the California Quioxtism, who Sean introduced us to a few weeks ago with the track "Anti-Hero."

The newest track that Quixotism has uploaded to his SoundCloud page is cover of the Postal Service B-side "The Dream of Evan and Chan."  However, it wouldn't be enough for Quixotism to just cover the track, he had to throw it all over a sample from Usher's R&B classic "You Got It Bad."  It is amazing how well these two songs go together, as they are threaded together in a world of down-tempo electronica.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate The Postal Service than this.
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