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The Preatures - Take a Card

Apr 19, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Sydney five-piece the Preachers are the very definition of old school cool. This is the sort of music you raid your parents record collection for, not listen to on SoundCloud!  Excitement is growing for the release of their EP Shaking Hands (which is due any day now), and given the brilliance of the EP's first single, the excitement is well warranted.

Recorded in L.A. with the help of noted producer Tony Buchen, "Take a Card" is a musical delight. An upbeat, poppy blues track, it moves slightly from the band's often darker roots. The vocal banter between Gideon Bensen and Isabella Manfredi is a highlight, as is the soaring organ line and hand-clap percussion. The track is perfectly produced to give it gritty finish, it almost sounds like a vinyl no matter how you're listening to it.

The Preachers' obvious talents have the band in a good position for growth, surely a band this good can't stay hidden for long.

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