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The Preatures - Revelation

Jul 11, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I was a little surprised by The Preatures' previous single "Is This How You Feel?" -- the uber-talented Sydney outfit shifted from their typically sultry sound with the ridiculously catchy (Fleetwood Mac-ish) track, one I still listen to regularly.

With their new single, "Revelation," we see the band take a step back toward the familiar. The smoldering, powerful vocals of Isabella Manfredi lead the way on this one, with the front-woman once again heating up headphones left, right, and center. I love the band's mix of gothic/Western/blues sounds, and this track contains a bounty of each genre.

With a debut LP on the way later this year, the versatile five-piece are sure to win a few more hearts in the coming months.
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