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The Traps - Calypso

Jan 22, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I think that I'm quite right in saying that the UK has as much trouble as Australia in keeping up with their vast amount of independent music talent. Today, let me just add another band from Birmingham onto the 2013 radar. This band is named The Traps, and the quartet spent much of their earlier days writing and releasing free music in order to gain fans. In 2009, they founded the record label Speech Fewapy Records to enable the release of their own EPs.

Fast forward to 2013, and "Calypso" is the first official release taken from their debut album of the same name (based off the character Calypso from Homer's famous greek poem Odyssey). It's certainly got those hooky guitar lines made so famous by Phoenix, plus a touch of Theme Park's buzzy and anthemic synth based rock, which definitely  separates this from a mediocre song to a brilliant indie dancefloor number.

No official release date of Calypso as of yet, but it's expected to be released early this year. Enjoy!
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