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The Weeknd - The Morning (Cralias Remix)

Feb 28, 2012

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Why do we like this?
As the ambient sounds of the L.A. beat scene move ever closer to the 2-step sonics of UK garage, an amalgamation of the styles into one was inevitable. Tracks like Nicolas Jaar's remix of Shlohmo were getting on that way, and now this remix from Cralias pretty much straddles the border between the two genres.

This remix has hip credentials in spades. Managing to simultaneously reference Clams Casino and Knxwledge - all while remixing fellow hipster The Weeknd - Cralias references pretty much all that is en vogue in current hip hop. Add in the aforementioned future garage sensibilities and a keen eye on the L.A. beat scene and you have it: the sounds of the modern Internet bastardised into one beautiful track.
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