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The Whitest Boy Alive - 1517

Jan 29, 2010

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Sounds like: Kings Of Convenience
Why do we like this?
i kinda really dig this track. its from the whitest boy alive, a side project of kings of convenience member erlend oye (along with sebastian maschat, marcin oz and daniel nentwig). according to wikipedia, the group started out in indonesia (which seems a little odd for a couple of Scandinavians) as an electronic dance group.

while they are no longer very electronic, they've still got a nice beat going on a lot of the time (while still remaining totally chill). "1517"³, today's track from the 2009 album "rules", in particular has a total disco-esque rhythm and a great funky synthesizer offbeat thing going on. its kind of like the older brother of kings of convenience, the one that likes to party.

but even the partying older brother is pretty tame, because they still come from a pretty tame family. but its still kind of fun. - Daily Beatz
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