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The xx - Crystalised

Jan 21, 2010

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Why do we like this?
Before the 2nd apocalypse occurred on my mp3 player of unfortunate choice (I never had this problem back in my Creative days), the unfortunately named The xx and their equally unfortunately named album 2.0 was able to grab hold of my ear cavity and worm it's way into my cranium. I'm assuming they are straight-edge or something by the album cover?

No clue, didn't notice any "beat up the guys smoking" lyrics... No, instead what we have is some pretty chill,slightly "dark" boy-girl pop. Quiet, intimate, pretty midnight music, or maybe "after the club" music when it's time to "cool down", if you "know what I mean" -- haha, go to love all the "air quote"! In the end, it's pretty easy and quiet lovely, but then again, I'm a sucker for boy/girl vocals, aren't I? - Tsuru Radio
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