What's so good?
By Devin Duckworth | Feb 26, 2012

Lately it seems as though The xx are taking the remix world by storm. Whether it be other artists remixing their original tracks or vise versa, the bevy of tracks that I have heard don't even compare to John Talabot's take on "Shelter."

This fresh rework of "Shelter" features new basslines with heavier tropical beats creating a whole new feel to the song. Overall I'd say it's a sublime pairing; the hushed, chilly emotionalisms of The xx build with the warmed, slightly dirty dance grooves and hand-percussion pops of John Talabot.

What is so great about The xx is that their songs possess quality elements that allow others to intermingle progressive sounds and play around with them a bit. In the greater scheme of things we all know that nothing compares to the original, but when people take a track and make it their own, it's something worth being mentioned.
Devin Duckworth
Devin is the Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director for TEETH Mag. @devinduck