What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Mar 26, 2012

Ahh thank you, Thrupence. This is exactly what I need after a long day of work. A cool 65 degrees outside and this track is a wonderful combination to help me unwind.

Thrupence is from Melbourne and consists of a 21 year old by the name of Jack Vanzet. This track "Voyages" is taken from Thrupence's EP of the same name. It starts, remains and ends the same: calm, cool and collected. There are many samples and loops that Jack dapples with, all steady and then fleeting but you're never left hanging. There's always a slight twist or turn thrown into the mix but it's never overdone. There aren't any vocals but they're not necessary for this track. There's enough entertainment taking place.

If you're feeling Thrupence's chilled out and experimental approach, check out his Facebook and get to know him and his music a bit more. Breathe deep and enjoy!
Christiana Bartolini
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