What's so good?
By hmcclure | Jun 21, 2013

Has Tim Fitz (age 23) been around long enough for me to call him an "old favorite"? It seems like a long time ago that I reviewed his first two EPs, The Infinite Space and Beforetime (both released back in 2011), but Fitz has kept himself busy since. Aside from playing bass for Sydney acts Lime Cordiale and March of the Real Fly, he's been working on his own new tracks, and we have one for you right here.

"Hospital" once again highlights his skill as a one-man band -- the multi-instrumentalist creates his music by looping together live vocals, keys, drums, bass and guitar. It's got that lovable, somewhat frantic nature to it which Fitz is known for, with the quirky time signatures giving the impression that he's always trying to catch up to himself (fair enough when you're playing so many instruments).

Welcome back Timmy, we've missed you. Make sure to follow him on Twitter here, he's new to the Interwebs.
Hugh McClure
Author: Hugh McClure
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