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TNGHT - Goooo

Nov 06, 2012

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Why do we like this?

It seems that as of late, the songs that really get people pumped and into the dancing spirit are ones that dive into that future experimental style of trip-hop -- a genre packed with earth-shattering monstrous bass beats, minimal electronic productions and R&B-laced rhythms.

One group that takes the best parts of that genre is TNGHT, aka the collab project between beatmakers Lunice and Hudson Mohawke. This musical marriage takes Mohawke's maximized repertoire and Lunice's minimalistic approach to electronic dance music and combines it into something otherworldly.

Taken from their eponymous EP, "Goooo" is a bombastic track that requires some serious headphone or speaker-blasting. Right from the start, you are taken into a world of solid drum beats and sick bass productions that will either make you want to burst out in dance or break something with your fist.

That said, I'm thinking it's time to wave adios to dubstep and give a warm whatup to trip-hop trap music. My guess is that it's coming fast, and it's coming harder than ever.

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