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Touchy Mob - Stones

Jan 15, 2013

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Why do we like this?
"Stones" is the product of Ludwig Plath, someone who goes by the stage name of Touchy Mob. This Berlin-based talent has crafted his sound to be one of substance, emotion and rawness, evident within his vocals as well as the mellow, intrinsic backdrop.

This track is a perfect blend of organic and manipulated sounds, and was made available on a split 12" vinyl titled Cake, released with the help of Bloody Hands Ltd., alongside some tracks by Tellavision (which composed side B of the record). "Stones" has stuck with me since the release, as well as many other of Touchy Mob's compilations.

As if Touchy Mob's musical talent wasn't enough, Ludwig Plath also designed the album cover of the record, which I must say is quite impressive.
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