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Trust - Bulbform

May 14, 2012

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Crystal Castels fans, prepare your earphones. Trust, a goth/witch/house/electronica Toronto duo made up of Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski, have recently released their first full-length album TRST on Arts & Crafts.

There is not a dull moment within the four plus minutes that make up "Bulbform." Alfons' voice is removed and ethereal, a perfect compliment to the intensely charged synths and deep bassline built like slowly rolling hills. A clear parallel can be drawn quickly to Crystal Castles ("Untrust Us," anyone?), although Trust is clearly targeting a different audience with their slower BPM and diet rage. Best part of the track? It's gotta be the ominously groaning chorus of men in the background.

For more Trust, check out their official site here, listen to their entire release on Arts & Crafts' SoundCloud page, or tune into this conveniently pasted official "Bulbform" video below.

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