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Tyler The Creator - She (Ft. Frank Ocean)

May 05, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Tyler, The Creator is dark. If you've heard his music before, you're well aware of that. I saw him onstage with OFWGKTA at Coachella and he ripped it apart. Their set was brutal -- both fun and violent. There's a lot of anger conveyed in his music, and that certainly comes out on stage.

The first track to be released off his upcoming album Goblin was "Yonkers," which went up on Indie Shuffle about two months ago. There was no doubt then that his music was borderline evil, though undeniably unique. Today we've got additional evidence.

Particularly interesting is that this new track "She" has a bit of a sexy side to it (courtesy of Frank Ocean). It should probably come as no surprise that mixing this aspect with dark undertones results in things getting a little creepy. If it's not your style, I'd highly suggest you check out our other OFWGTA-related post from today featuring Hodgy Beats.
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