What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Oct 23, 2012

Vinyl Williams is quite possibly my new favorite artist, and he's gearing up to reissue his album, Lemniscate, on November 13.

On top of being an exceptional musician, Vinyl Williams is also a visual artist. He's made numerous videos to accompany his music, and no two videos are the same. This time around, he's released a video for his single "Higher Worlds," and it's basically like looking through a kaleidoscope, literally and figuratively. Vinyl Williams kraut-rock musical style perfectly complements the visual aesthetics of this single. He states:

"The images in "Higher Worlds" are made up of various religious aspects to form an idea of what it looks like to experience something extra-sensory, beyond the very limited one octave of our visual spectrum. The effect is amplified by degenerative processes, such as filming my computer screen as I'm building these 3D worlds, then transferring the footage of this digital environment into an analog composite signal, onto VHS, taking the VHS machine on a roller coaster as it's laying over in real-time, to encounter natural distortions and imperfections."

By now if you haven't watched the video, I bet you want to. Enjoy!

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