What's so good?
By tobiashandke | Jul 17, 2013

Violent Soho have always been on the cusp of greatness, and if "In The Aisle" is anything to go by, they might finally be reaching their full potential. While they've always been here and there, since signing with Melbourne label I OH YOU last year, the Aussie quartet have released their best material yet.

Taken from their forthcoming third album Hungry Ghost, "In The Aisle" is influenced by early 90s grunge and the garage rock scene while encapsulating the D.I.Y. punk ethos of the 70s. There's a real nostalgic feel to the tune, recalling the blood, sweat and tears of pioneers Sonic Youth and the Pixies, with bone crunching guitars, side splitting drumming, and frontman Luke Boerdam's distinct wail combining for one hell of an ear bashing. It's the type of tune you can imagine sinking tinnies to while cooking a few snags on the barbie as cricket plays in the background. Australian to the core while universally embraceable.

Put simply, "In The Aisle" is good old fashion rock and roll. Get around it.
Tobias Handke
Author: Tobias Handke
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