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Vondelpark - Camels

Aug 30, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Being mysterious is really in vogue for bands at the moment, as the likes of Wu Lyf have shown. Following in their footsteps is Vondelpark -- not the Amsterdam park, but a trio (we think) from Surrey. All of our knowledge about them comes from this interview they did with Vice Magazine last year.

But what we can say, as the cliche goes, is that Vondelpark's music does their talking. They could be compared to James Blake, just in a more indie form. Instead of broken voice samples and synthesizers, it's broken voice samples and guitars.

There are also clear similarities to the post R&B currently being purveyed by the likes of How to Dress Well, with a sound you can almost get lost in, sounding mournful and relaxing at the same time.
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