What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Feb 09, 2013

Vox Mod, oh Vox Mod, wherefore art thou, Vox Mod? Oh, right, you're right here. Shall we proceed?

Those on the early adopter side of Indie Shuffle may remember a post about Seattle producer Vox Mod from 2011. Oh yes, thaaaaaat synthmaster of a human. Well, Scot Porter is back with an LP, and we have just caught a first glimpse with "Iridescent Asteroid Mists."

The beat itself just crazy. It starts with this hop-hop influence, and quickly slides into the space-aged synths that Vox will soon be known for. It's intense, it's beautiful, and it's 100% Voxy. Oh, and then the kicker: Palaceer Lazaro (yes, that Palaceer, of Shabazz Palaces) throws down on the track. Minds melt, I tell you.

For more from this exceptionally talented artist, check out his SoundCloud here, and give him a deserved follow, yeah? SYN-ÆSTHETIC comes out April 2, 2013.