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Sounds like: Shabazz Palaces, USF

What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Feb 09, 2013 | Total plays: 3,585

Vox Mod, oh Vox Mod, wherefore art thou, Vox Mod? Oh, right, you're right here. Shall we proceed?

Those on the early adopter side of Indie Shuffle may remember a post about Seattle producer Vox Mod from 2011. Oh yes, thaaaaaat synthmaster of a human. Well, Scot Porter is back with an LP, and we have just caught a first glimpse with "Iridescent Asteroid Mists."

The beat itself just crazy. It starts with this hop-hop influence, and quickly slides into the space-aged synths that Vox will soon be known for. It's intense, it's beautiful, and it's 100% Voxy. Oh, and then the kicker: Palaceer Lazaro (yes, that Palaceer, of Shabazz Palaces) throws down on the track. Minds melt, I tell you.

For more from this exceptionally talented artist, check out his SoundCloud here, and give him a deserved follow, yeah? SYN-ÆSTHETIC comes out April 2, 2013.
Elizabeth Walker
she told me add the bass line | and everything would be fine