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W O L F E Y - Sleep Country

Dec 04, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Sporadic. Unpredictable. Haphazard. W O L F E Y's "Sleep Country" is all of that and more. Hailing from Canada's own Montreal, Alexander Wolfe is an electronic musician who has been scouted by R&S Records. Attempting to capture and interpret the happenings that ensued post-9/11 within his debut EP Sleep Country, W O L F E Y found himself inspired by Burial, James Blake and Radiohead.

Choppy is not the right word to describe "Sleep Country." Better yet, it is essentially a compilation of complex yet rhythmic "bleeps and bloops" formatted over subtle wobbles here and there. Having studied electronic music production through Berklee College of Music in Boston, W O L F E Y knows what he's doing.
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