What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Jun 19, 2013

I was just about to pack it up and call it a bad day for music until I heard "White Lies," the latest track from the Athens, Greece duo WE SINK.

Describing themselves as "future bleepy," they've definitely got the "future" sound down pat. Borrowing elements of UK garage, bass, and house, partners Dim and Nick are right on par with the likes of the Lawrence brothers, aka Disclosure -- you may have heard of them (wink, wink!).

With vocals by Eski Göten, "White Lies" carries even more similarity to the Disclosure stylings, but that's not to imply WE SINK can't stay afloat on their own. They've got a definite sound that they've been perfecting with every new release, and "White Lies" is probably the best to date.

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Rachel Skotarczyk
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