What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | May 18, 2012

White Arrows have released their first single, "Roll Forever" from their upcoming LP Dry Land Is Not A Myth, set to drop this summer. If you haven't figured out the meaning of this song yet, it's about rolling on ecstasy. Makes sense now, huh?

White Arrows' experimental approach into a euphoric world of rolling on ecstasy has translated into a song that melds grunge, psychedelia, and progressive indie rock into one little proverbial pill of transient exaltation. At times the track is spiraling and other times it is soothing and trance-like; the perfect combination to roll away.

This song specifically is drenched in psychedelic prog-rock, and there's also a strong industrial effect on the surface of what would otherwise be an ambient and melodic track.

If you're digging their busy yet ephemeral sound, Dry Land Is Not A Myth will be released on June 19, and you'll finally be able to experience the rest of what this visionary band has up their sleeves (or under their tongues).
Christiana Bartolini
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