What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Jul 30, 2012

Nashville's own Wild Cub is bum-rushing the scene full force. Only forming last November, they're already gaining a lot of recognition and applause from across the board. In less than a year of forming, this duo will be releasing their debut LP, Youth, on August 14.

Wild Cub's single, "Straight No Turns," is an intricate synth pop ballad that is sure to perk up your ears (and your feet). This is a straight up smooth dance jam that is perfect for a classy lounge or a raging house party. Wild Cub takes their time easing into the bulk of this track, slowly but surely layering each effect on top of each other until soon you have a thick and lustrous dance track on your hands.

"Straight No Turns" will make a great addition to your summer dance mix. Only a few more weeks until Wild Cub's debut LP, Youth, is released on August 14!
Christiana Bartolini
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