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Wildcat! Wildcat! - Please and Thank You

Feb 01, 2013

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Sounds like: Pacific Air, Carousel, MGMT
Why do we like this?

On the back of touring with Indie Shuffle favorite Alt-J, L.A. trio Wildcat! Wildcat! are back with the release of their latest single "Please and Thank You." Don't be fooled by their name; these guys are the tamest cats around, giving off a rather ambient spacey pop vibe in this particular release.

The single still maintains the group's incredible pop sensibility and trademark falsetto harmonies, but rather than bouncing around the room (which was the case for "Mr Quiche"), you'll feel as though you're in a constant daze. It's the sort of feeling you would get from listening to any of MGMT's older work.

A combination of clever atmospherics, electric piano, dual falsetto vocals, and a lingering beat -- this single really is quite the work of art. The release isn't attached to anything at the moment, but I think we should be expecting an album this year. 


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