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Wise Blood - Nosferatu

Aug 20, 2011

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"Nosferatu," the first single off Wise Blood's new EP These Wings, is a shimmery, smokey pop track whose complex layers speak volumes. A little bit of lo-fi and a little bit of electro pop, this track has spine in the form of a repeating guitar chord progression, binding the song's other elements together and giving it direction.

This is a particular feat considering his sample-heavy approach to song creation; and it's this cohesion that makes me excited to hear what else Pittsburgh-based Wise Blood has come up with on this new EP. It's easy, from the sounds of much of the music out there, to delve into experimental production to such an extent that the graspable center of the song is lost. Not so with Wise Blood. His creative approach has a definite pop sensibility, giving his listeners something to hold on to.

You can download the track over on Pitchfork.
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