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Work Drugs - West Coast Slide

Apr 20, 2013

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Work Drugs' last appearance on Indie Shuffle came back in March, with "Sunset On High Street."  Roughly a month later, they're back with a new single titled "West Coast Slide," their first off an unnamed album that's been slated for release sometime this summer.

"West Coast Slide" is a indie pop song with bouncing keyboard work, solid guitar strumming and awesome vocal harmonies, courtesy of Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana. It's the perfect song for a beach party -- at least, maybe if you live in South Florida and Southern California, where it's already beginning to feel like summer!

Single "Young Lungs" is also due to appear on Work Drugs' new summer album. While we wait to hear more from the LP, check out the band's SoundCloud, where most of their songs are free to download.
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